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Alex Ramon My name is Alex Ramon. I've been a bicycle geek since early childhood, spending my twenties working as a mechanic in some great bike shops. My cycling passions include flatland bmx, unicycles and cycle-touring and I have a lot of fun mountain biking and road riding. I'll basically ride anything with pedals. I also love photography... one day I hope to do some serious touring with my camera and one of those super fun Greenspeed trikes.

The purpose of this site is to help people learn how to fix their own bikes. While I don't work in a shop anymore, I still have all of my tools and some parts so I might as well share what I know (and learn from you). I'm on the lookout for different kinds of bikes so I can cover as many different jobs as possible. I'm keeping a tidy list of all your requests and I imagine we'll have hundreds of videos on this site in the future. Then I'll go back and refine many of the videos using close-ups and cut-aways, etc... and improve things based on what I've learned from all of your feedback. Thanks for watching!

Interviews: Bike Hacks, Cozy Beehive

NBC New York, July 21, 2008

Recommended Books:

  • Zinn & MTB
    Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance
    Mountain Bikes: Maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.
  • Zinn & Road
    Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance
    Road Bikes: Maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.
  • Sutherland's Manual
    Sutherland's Manual
    Sutherland's handbook for bicycle mechanics on CD-ROM.
  • Park Blue Book
    Park Tool Blue Book
    Hundreds of photos and hundreds of procedures.

Site News

06/03 Autodesk 3D Tutorials!

The fine folks at Autodesk® have been hard at work recreating a few of our tutorials to demonstrate the power of their Autodesk® Inventor® and Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher software. Currently, these can only be viewed on a iPhone®, iPad™, or iPod touch® device, but they have plans to expand to other devices. I'm picking up a copy of the software myself, and plan to integrate this te... Read more >>

05/08 New Membership System

As you may have noticed, when you click on a video you are now taken to a membership sign-up form. I've started charging a small monthly fee for access to all of the video tutorials. Once you are logged in you'll be able to watch any of the videos. Members will also have access to all future tutorials as long as your... Read more >>

09/01 The Future of BicycleTutor.com

I just checked the traffic stats and was excited to learn over 4 million people have now visited the site! When I started the site I had no idea it would be this popular. I feel I should let you all know what is happening behind the scenes and what my goals are for the future of the site.

First of all, I really appreciate everyone's support and patience. It's been so incredible to hear how many people li... Read more >>

09/01 Thank you Rapha!

Slate from Rapha was very kind to send me their workshop apron for free with no strings attached! I am really impressed with the simplicity and quality of the apron, so I'll be retiring my dirty old park apron for upcoming videos.

Thanks Rapha!


01/20 Featured on Lefora Labs

I was contacted last week by Dan from Lefora Labs to do an interview about our forums. He had some interesting questions and has posted the interview here if you want to check it out.

Lefora offers a service that lets you create your own forum for free. I haven... Read more >>

01/06 Firefox Search Add-on

If you use firefox (recommended), I set up a search add-on for this site. While on the homepage http://bicycletutor.com (or other areas of the site) you can easily add it by clicking the dropdown menu to the left of your search box, and then click 'Add BicycleTutor.com' (see attached screenshot).

It's also b...

01/02 Server Upgrades

I am in the process of switching this site to a new server. I'm hoping to have the transfer fully completed by January 15th. While it is happening, you will still be able to use the site, but members may not be able to post in the forums for a day or two (I'll put a message at the top of the forum during this period).

We have outgrown the current hosting provider's capabilities, and as a result I've sta... Read more >>

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