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Step-by-step video tutorials demonstrate how to easily perform many common maintenance and repair tasks. Perfect for visual learners. Each video is thoroughly researched, scripted, and produced by experienced bicycle mechanic and photographer Alex Ramon.

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Cody - I have looked at 10 videos on youtube, but this one is the ONLY clear one for beginners. You saved me hours of learning this the difficult way, I could have destroyed my bike.

Marc - Thanx man. This website has helped me alleviate three different problems on two different kinds of bikes. This knowledge has saved me money and for that I thank you. Your site has officially been bookmarked and facebooked. Keep up the good work!!!

Dave - I would just like to say this website is excellent, and it has help me a lot and saved me a lot of money. I have reset my rear / front derailleur and they now work as good as they should.

Cheri - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your video made it all so clear. I'm a newbie getting back into biking at the ripe old age of... well... up there... and books can only show you so much. I just found your site and love how you make it all so easy without feeling like you're talking down to us. Well done!

Kirby - Once again, another totally awesome tutorial that contained just enough information to answer all my questions about working with my headset and not a lot of fluff. The production quality and pacing is also top notch! I hope you get piles of recognition for what you've built here.

Gregory - Thank you so much for kindly making this well-directed, well edited video! You just saved me many dollars... Thought some of the mech was broken and that the shifter was a goner... but NO! Cracked my shifter open, sprayed some lubricant in there, and life was fully restored!

Craig - Excellent job. I looked at 10 online videos and your was by far the best. Thanks for your expertise.

James - Thank You so much!!! Your tutorials were exactly what I needed. Easy to follow video instructions are perfect for someone who has never worked on a bicycle before. I successfully replaced the broken spokes on my rear wheel, which included removing the cassette cluster. Without your guidance I would have been totally lost.

Alexis - One huge big thank you. I was just about to go and buy a new shifter and thought I'd have a quick trawl across the internet to find if there was a fix it way first and came to across your site almost instantly. Almost as instantly I had a working shifter again. I'll be back to find out how to fix all the other annoyances on my bikes. Keep up the great work.

Patrick - Best tutorials I've seen on bike repair/maintenance.

Erin - Very cool site, especially the tutorial videos. Everything from making sure you and your kids bikes are safe. Ride on!!!

Dave - To all of my riding friends... This is an excellent site for all manner of bike repair and maintenance so you don't have to run to the bike store for simple adjustments.

Colin - I'm very happy, Have you ever had one of those moments of pure clarity? Yesterday out of pure frustration I got on line to try and learn how to use a tool that I've had for years with no success in using.

THANK YOU !!!!!! A 5 min video and my life got so much easier !!!!!!

William - Hey Everyone if you ever needed a good place to learn about those pesky little bike maintenance things or just want to learn how to do a bunch of stuff this is a great site!

Sam - Just to say that I really appreciate your videos that you're currently uploading on the internet. I'm a bit of a newby with bikes so watching your videos has enabled me to learn a lot through your simple, easy to understand teaching methods!

Cheers :)

Phil - Your website rocks. Been meaning to build/rebuild a bike for a long long time and finally bought a 30 year old Schwinn 'Project' to play around with and try to restore. Learning a lot as I go and these vids are a big part of that. Thanks!

Daniel - Hey mate great website helped a lot with setting up my new Shimano Saint rear derailleur. Thanks Daniel

Lynn - Great website ! A big help to me today as I replaced the inner brake and shift cables on my daughter's bike.

Joseph - The tutorials are clear to understand and easy to follow.

Derrick - Ya know, your website has come in sooo handy, I have it programed into my smartphone for on the fly info!

EVERY bike mechanic should have this as reference material, after years I forgot how to properly gauge chain length... nuff said!

Julie - Cleaned and oiled my bike. No squeaks. Thanks.

Patrick - BT, thank you for offering up your knowledge. Those with years of experience in a skilled trade, that share what they know, are the excellence of that trade. Keep up the good work.

Kayvon - This guy is the Yoda of bicycles. He could even be a millionaire if he setup shop in all college towns across america. Rock on Bicycle Tutor!

Suzanne - Great site, very helpful. And particularily handy when you don't have a bike shop nearby :)

Matt - I have used the videos on your site many times to rebuild my bikes as well as friends bikes. They are easy to follow & right on the money. Thanks & keep up the great work.

Paul - I bought a beautiful Gazelle MTB and with your help I replaced the cassette and fine adjusted the derailleur. Many thanks! Now I can do all the maintenance myself!

John - Just finished putting together my uber-street-triathlon bike. The first time I've completely stripped down and rebuilt a bike - many steps I could only do because of your tutorials!! Now I can tune up my own bike! Thanks!

Raoul - Let me add my own thanks and deep appreciation for your tutorials... as much as I like my local bike shop, being able to understand what and how things work and to repair/do/adjust what I can, makes me one very happy bike owner - Thanks!!

Lee - The bicycle tutor rocks! It has helped me do just about every bike repair out there including truing my own rims and adjusting my derailers! Thanks!

Clint - Hey Alex! Thanks so much for all the great info! I think the first video I watched was the how to break a chain and then the deraileur videos I've watched many times. But my problem was still not fixed. Then I watched your shifter video and realized there was too much slack in the cable. So I tightened that and used engine degreaser on the shifter mechanism and prob solved! thanks again!

James - Top man thanks very much, life would be a lot more expensive and frustrating without you!

Gail - Alex, you are awesome! Your videos are excellent....very informative! They make me confidant enough to do the work myself. Keep up the good work!

Neil - Loving the videos. I have used two this week for fixing up my headset and BB on an old bike I have just picked up. Keep up the good work. Neil

John - A really great set of tutorials - what makes them for me is the clear written instructions - I can watch the video, then print the instructions out for taking out to the bike if need be. Thanks!

Nadine - Thanks for tutorial, couldn't read instructions in the kit and was unsure which side of patch to put on tube, now I have fixed all 4 pram wheels, Thank you !

Nir - Thanks for the clear instructions and advice. My rear axle broke and now it is repaired! Horray to bicycle repair man!

Clifford - It Worked!!! It only worked when I followed your steps exactly as you showed/wrote down. Thank you very much. Saved me a 3 hour trip to the LBS. (in Vermont a lot of local trips take 3 hours).

Laurie - Thanks a million... first time using a presta valve adapter... your video explained all... tire is back on bike for the next ride... thanks again!

Robert - Thanks for the advice on how to shift gears and how they work. You have pointed out some of my mistakes when i am shifting gears. Especially hill climbing.Thank goodness there are people like you who don't mind helping those like myself who are just starting out. keep the advice coming!

Theresa - Thank you so much! My son just got a cyclocross bike and this is the first time we've ever had a presta valve. All three of us about gave up until I found this video. Now he can get out on the road tonight to test it out. Would have been a real bummer for him to have to wait. The age of the internet.

Kyle - Excellent guide. Several online tutorials fail to mention the different styles and designs of side pull brakes. Very concise and clear video.

Rod - This is a great site. We lost our LBS several years ago but this is the next best thing. Thanks for all your help!

David - I just did a google search to figure out how to get my deraileur working properly... your instructional video was very helpful, thanks so much for putting time into helping others out!

David - Excellent job! Another chance to save money and keep my bike in perfect condition. Thanks to you I'll keep riding!

Marisol - Hi Alex. I just got a new bike that came with presta valves. Having never used them before, I had no idea how to use the adapter. Your video answered all my questions. Thank you very much.

Matt - Alex, thank you for your site, and the video tutorials. A search for this very question was what led me here, and I've found all I have been looking for in the way of comprehensive information on my recently discovered hobby. Thank you for your idea, and your service to the community - I plan to order the DVD (once I can figure out a way to watch it and work on my bike at the same time!)

Jack - I can't believe I found this site. I just wanted to tighten my headset and have spent hours googling, and my local bike shop complains about any job you ask them to do. I actually had no idea that i could do this myself with an allen key. This would have helped a lot if I knew it existed when I've had to make multiple repairs on my bike on my own. Thanks great site.

Spencer - Last Sunday I noticed my chain was skipping every 3-4 pedal rotations. I was not looking forward to buying a new chain or dropping $50 on a shop fee. After cleaning and lubing my chain, I found one link that was super-stiff. I could barely bend it by hand.

Without delay I came to for advice... I followed the instructions word-for-word... and guess what. Chain is fixed!

Thanks again...

Dan - Great job on the chain break video. I wish more information available on the web, and even from manufacturers, was this well done.

Dave - Thank you for the website! We're on vacation, and my daughter laid her bike down & bent her rear derailer. Thanks to your website, I got her rolling again in about 20 minutes!

Good thing, because we're on an island with no bike shop.

Jesse - Thanks for the fantastic videos. I am a volunteer mechanic at a non-profit educational shop. I wish I had watched your video on derailer hanger alignment earlier. We have that same tool in the shop and I never knew how to use it... until now!

Ben - Just want to thank you for all the information on this site, it is plain and to the point so even I can undersand it. I am just starting to ride a 24 speed bike at age 62 and I need all the help I can get, thanks again.

Stan - Excellent site. The manual for my new bike was useless. Leraned all I needed to know on this site in a few minutes. Awesome videos!

Cody - Hey man, I gotta say, this is the fourth or fifth tutorial of yours about bikes that I found useful... My bikes shifter has to be replaced, you had a video on that. I have to replace my brakes, you had a video on that. I had a stiff chain link or two, you had a video on that. My seat moves while I ride, you had a video on that. Are you psychic or something? Haha, keep up the good work man, whether you know it or not, these tutorials are extremely useful.

Lorna - Thank god! Someone to explain gear shifting in a clear understandable manner. I have just returned to cycling after 30 years, and have never ridden a bike with gears so I now understand why I was having so much trouble on my first run. There doesn't seem to be anything out there that explains this as well - all the cycling literature I've seen assumes you know how to do it. Thank you! I'll keep an eye out your other tutorials.

Mairi - Came across your site via search engine and am so glad that I did! Following your tutorial I was able to adjust the brake levers on my daughter's bike so she can now reach them. She is happy and so am I.

Monthly Subscription - $5.95 / Month
Instant access to all videos for 30 days.

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Annual Subscription - $49.95 /Year
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BicycleTutor videos are also available on DVD.