38. How to Remove Surface Rust on Chrome

You can use light oil and fine steel wool to remove surface rust from chrome and steel.

IMPORTANT: Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.
How to Remove Surface Rust on Chrome
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  • 00:16 - Bronze or brass wool works the best.

In this short video we'll learn how to remove surface rust. This will work best on chrome and sometimes on bare steel. If your rust is really bad you may have to get the part sandblasted and re-chromed.

For this job you'll need some light oil, a chunk of fine steel wool, and a rag.

Simply squirt some light oil on the rust you want to remove. Then scrub it a little bit with a chunk of steel wool and wipe it clean with a rag... and that's it! Keep in mind that it will quickly rust again if exposed to water, so you'll want to dry it off well after riding in the rain.


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06/29 Rags!!

Hey guys,

What kind of rags do you use?

I tend to use dish cloths because that's generally all I can find. Go to any automotive shop or bike shop and they don't seem to stock mechanic specific rags.

The problem I find with dish cloths is that small hairs seem to come off of them when for instance, wiping bolt threads clean ready for re-greasing, so sometimes small hairs can get caught up in the new grease. Gets quite annoying!


PS: Same goes for brushes as well!...

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04/19 What's electrolysis?

Was just looking on eBay and came across this bike that had been restored [broken_link] He says that electrolysis was used to remove rust! How’s this done and is it effective, anyone have any info on the process and is it possible to do at home?
cheers....

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Second – Rumor also has it that waxing the bike (like you would a car) is a good idea for commuters. True? False?

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