33. How to Adjust a Threadless Headset

Learn how to check the adjustment of a threadless (Aheadset) and align the handlebars.

IMPORTANT: Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.
How to Adjust a Threadless Headset
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In today’s tutorial, we'll learn how to adjust a threadless headset, otherwise known as an 'Aheadset. For this job, you'll need either a 5mm or a 6mm allen key, depending on your stem.

To loosen the stem, simply turn the allen key on top counter-clockwise a few turns. Don't remove it completely. Then loosen the two bolts on the side. Now your stem should turn freely.

To check if the headset is tight, lift the front of the bike off the ground. The handlebar should rotate freely and fall to one side or the other. If it doesn't, you'll have to loosen the top bolt a little bit and try it again.

To check for play, hold the front brake, place one hand on your headset, and rock the bike forward and backward. If the headset is loose you'll feel it, and you'll have to tighten the top bolt a little bit.

Once the adjustment is set, check the alignment. I find it easiest to line up the stem with the front wheel while you’re sitting on the bike. Once the handlebar is straight, tighten the two stem bolts and check the adjustment again just to be sure.


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I've recently rounded off a screw (pictured) and firstly I'm confused weather that part comes with my headset or my stem? Also can any headset fit with any stem?
I'm sure I could just buy a new screw but I'd rather buy a new headset.

If it helps I have a Social Narc 2013 bmx and the stem is a social freeloader it says the headset is just a "internal headset" now I don't know if that is internal the brand or how it's situated.

Any help would be great

Jordan...

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[Image: mYFQhWWl.jpg]
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[Image: bn9reqTl.jp...					<a href=

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10/26 Folding bike headset question

Hi all

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I just got my hands on a 2nd hand Dahon folding bike.

There seems to be a little play in the headset but as this is my first folder I'm not sure if this is inherent in folders or not.

Would anybody know if it is inherent and have any ideas on how to fix it? I have some experience of changing threadless headsets on mountain bikes but I'm not sure about folder headsets.

Thanks again

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