6. How to Replace Your Pedals

Applies to both 1/2″ and 9/16″ thread sizes. The left pedal has a reverse thread.

IMPORTANT: Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.
How to Replace Your Pedals
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Replacing a set of pedals on your bike may seem simple enough, but here’s a few tips that will help you prevent damage and make sure they stay on tight for those long rides. I recommend using a proper 15mm pedal wrench for this job, as they have a long handle and are designed to fit properly in the small axle slots.

When removing your pedals, the first step is to make sure you have both wheels firmly on the ground. This will give you better support for the leverage that is required to loosen your very tight pedal threads.

Right Pedal Removal

Loosen the right side pedal by turning counter-clockwise just like any traditional threaded nut. Notice how I have positioned the crank arm and pedal tool so that I can push down with more force.

Left Pedal Removal

It is very important to remember that the left pedal has a reverse thread, which keeps the pedal from unscrewing while you ride. To loosen the left side you will have to turn the wrench clockwise.

Pedal Installation

Before installing the new pedals, apply a thin coat of waterproof grease to the threads. This helps tighten your pedals and keep the treads from seizing, so that they can be removed in the future.

Tighten the right pedal by turning the wrench clockwise, and tighten the left pedal by turning counter-clockwise.


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It looks threaded, but I still have hopes as I think it's only the top couple of rings on the inside.


From what I can tell the pedal thread is fine.

I know there are tools out there to fix a thread. I'm hoping that mine is not so bad that I need a new crank set. Can anyone offer any advice?



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Hi there,

There is this random clicking nose that sounds like it's coming from the crank shaft possibly. As I pedal you can hear a clicking noise as if two pieces of metal are tapping each other. It's kinda rusty back there as I had to leave my bike outside during the winter.

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