6. How to Replace Your Pedals

Applies to both 1/2″ and 9/16″ thread sizes. The left pedal has a reverse thread.

IMPORTANT: Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.
How to Replace Your Pedals
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Replacing a set of pedals on your bike may seem simple enough, but here's a few tips that will help you prevent damage and make sure they stay on tight for those long rides. I recommend using a proper 15mm pedal wrench for this job, as they have a long handle and are designed to fit properly in the small axle slots.

When removing your pedals, the first step is to make sure you have both wheels firmly on the ground. This will give you better support for the leverage that is required to loosen your very tight pedal threads.

Right Pedal Removal

Loosen the right side pedal by turning counter-clockwise just like any traditional threaded nut. Notice how I have positioned the crank arm and pedal tool so that I can push down with more force.

Left Pedal Removal

It is very important to remember that the left pedal has a reverse thread, which keeps the pedal from unscrewing while you ride. To loosen the left side you will have to turn the wrench clockwise.

Pedal Installation

Before installing the new pedals, apply a thin coat of waterproof grease to the threads. This helps tighten your pedals and keep the treads from seizing, so that they can be removed in the future.

Tighten the right pedal by turning the wrench clockwise, and tighten the left pedal by turning counter-clockwise.


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09/16 Crank Rookie

I picked up a low end Cannondale Hybrid (1999 H300) to get back into cycling and to learn a few things about bike mechanics. The bike is great for fitness, but I've started to tear it apart and refit with some inexpensive upgrades, as that is the stuff I love to do. My latest project has been to replace the BB (110-68 square taper-JIS) and upgrade he crank. The original spec listed the crankset as a C.P.I, but once I pulled it I found it to be a 175mm Shimano FC-M290 and it had been the subject of a recall in the late 1990s, so I'm glad I'm doing this upgrade.

The original cran...

09/17 Pedal Washers ?

Hey Guys,
Was just wandering...
Some of my bikes came with pedal washers and some do not have pedal washers. What I'm talking about is the washer that fits between the crank and where the pedal threads on.
Are they needed? or not?
Thanks...

07/07 Crankset repair.

Hi guys!

My bike has been damaged. The crankset is curved now. Sad [Image: cCYvrJ.jpg] [Image: JwJHhe.jpg] [Image: xCPb4B.jpg]
From the information I have found it is Suntour XCC 48/38/28 ( Read more >>

07/06 Replacing crankset - chainline and bottom bracket question

Hi all,

I have a bike that I'm doing up as a project and I need to replace the bottom bracket (square taper). Since the front chainring (single, 46 teeth) is pretty badly worn I was going to take the opportunity and replace that as well. But what to get as replacement?

At the back I've got a 6-speed freewheel with a chain line of 38 mm. The bike is nothing special, it's more for fun and the learning experience (my first project..), so I'd like to keep the costs down. I was looking at some budget cranksets on ebay but most of them don't specify what kind of bottom brac... Read more >>

01/08 New crankset, screw unscrews

I have bought a new (shimano) crankset (I believe it is called a diamond crank) for my MTB. I've installed it myself (which is probably the problem :-p), rode with it a couple hundred KMs and all of a sudden the non drive side crank becomes wobbly and after a couple of meters the screw that holds it unscrews and falls off.
I tried to tighten it really hard, I applied loctite at the end of the screw, but nothing helped.
On my last ride, the crank started to creak before it became loose. I think the screw cap is really tight and that is what's creaking and that is what unscrews the s... Read more >>

08/27 Stiff Crank, no sound as if the bearings are gone

Ironhorse Maverick 3.0, what could be wrong. It was just fine yesterday went out for a ride today not even out of the parking lot crank became stiff still rotates both ways no sound like it's the bearings gone. Is it just dry and needs to be greased or something... Read more >>

06/27 This has broken loose. What is missing?

This is a cheap and rusty old bike, but it's one my son has really enjoyed.  I can't figure out what broke off that would make the crank area loose.  If anyone could identify what broke or what part fell off or what the issue could be, I'd be most appreciative.  Thanks!

http://imageshack.com/a/img537/7691/g7GRKo.jpg...

06/06 Stripped Crankarm

A few weeks ago I replaced the broken pedals on my mountain bike with cheap $8 plastic pedals from Wal-Mart. Yesterday I was riding the bike and all of a sudden my pedal fell off. Upon closer inspection, I found the pedal AND the hole where the pedal screws into the crank arm is both stripped. What can I do?... Read more >>

05/17 Crank bearings

I bought a next px6.0 26in mens mountain bike from walmart. The bearings need to be replace and i don't have the crank puller and don't know what the size is for the bearings can any one help me.... Read more >>

05/07 Trying to remove pedals....wtf

Ok so long story short ive been trying to remove a pedal for a while now. Never have been able to. Today i decided to try an idea from a family member....heat the metal, then try to loosen it. And when i did, THIS happened. And I STILL can't get the mofo unscrewed. Any ideas?

[Image: 73i3bm.jpg]

[Image: 11bu25z.jpg]

[Image: 2rcr020.jpg]...

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My iClic 2 pedals don't hold my cleats solidly. Are there any adjustments that can be made to this pedal? I just replaced my cleats and it made no difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated.... Read more >>

02/22 Clicking noise coming from crankset

Ive been getting a clicking noise coming from the crankset on each revolution (doesnt seem to be the pedals).... Should I start by regreasing the chainring bolts? (bike's only 2 summers old).... or should I be going as far as taking apart the crankset and take out the bottom bracket?... Read more >>

02/13 Crank removal tool

I have a circa 1988 crankset - Shimano FC-M730.
I cannot find a puller/remover for it (have spent $70 so far).
Can anyone help me out finding the correct remover?
Thanks....

02/12 Crank arms

Hello I've just registered and would like some help.
I have had a knee replacement and now only have 90 degrees of bend
I have a shorter crank and have raised the seat as high as I can but still
find that I need to pedal with my heel to be able to achieve full rotation.
Now I have heard of something like an articulated crank which hinges in the middle
and when in use full power is obtained when the pedal is between 2 o'clock and 5
if that makes sense. I wonder if anyone else has any ideas about this problem

IAN...

02/10 Crank set replacement

I bought a mountain bike with a seized suntour free wheel which I changed our for a 7 cluster Shimano. When I went to set up the front deraileur I notice the teeth were badly worn. So I pulled the 3 sprocket crank set off. it is a shimano crank set but has no stamp on it other then a sticker biopace SG for narrow chains only. It is a regular  mens mountain bike. The only markings are shimano and Selkirk on the bike. the big sprocket has 48 teeth. Does anyone know what a common, good inexpensive crankset I could buy on line  to replace this?... Read more >>

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