10. How to Replace a Cartridge Bottom Bracket

Demonstrates how to remove and install a sealed cartridge bottom bracket.

IMPORTANT: Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.
How to Replace a Cartridge Bottom Bracket
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  • 01:30 - The torque specification are actually 25-30 ft-lbs, or 300-360 in-lbs. Check with the manufacturer for exact products specs.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove and install a sealed cartridge bottom bracket, found on most modern bicycles. You'll need to remove both cranks first, so be sure to refer to last week's crank removal and installation tutorial before you begin.

Required Tools

For this job you'll need a splined bottom bracket tool and a 32mm headset wrench, or a large adjustable wrench.


A cartridge bottom bracket usually has two main components. The cartridge contains the sealed bearings and spindle, and is usually threaded into the right (or drive side) of your frame. The lockring supports the opposite end of the cartridge and is usually threaded into the left (or non-drive side) of your frame.

Bottom Bracket Removal

Remove the drive side first, using the lockring tool and wrench. On most bikes, the drive side has a left-hand thread, so you'll need to turn your wrench clockwise to loosen. Once the drive side is removed, the non-drive side should easily loosen and unthread by turning counter-clockwise.

Before installing the new bottom bracket, carefully clean the threads on the inside of your frame, and then apply a thin layer of waterproof grease to the threads on both sides of the frame.

You'll notice that most bottom brackets have an 'L' and 'R' written on them to assist in installation.

Bottom Bracket Installation

To install, first thread the new lockring part way into the left side of the frame by turning it clockwise. Don't tighten the left-side yet.

Thread the cartridge all the way into the right side of the frame by turning it counter-clockwise. Tighten it with about 25-30 foot-pounds of pressure (300-360 inch-pounds) using a torque wrench. Torque specifications vary, so it's a good idea to check the manufacturer's website for their exact product specifications.

Now you can finish tightening the left side clockwise until it is nice and snug.


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Bearings are easy to find, less so the spindle! The spindle has been damaged (not by me) and is useless. I have tried all the places I know to find a spindle, but cannot locate. So am toying with the idea of fitting a sealed bottom bracket (the damaged thread, repair type, as the shell is not threaded and too thin to try and thread). Has any... Read more >>

01/01 Bottom Bracket for a 1973 Schwinn Continental

hey I have a 1973 Schwinn Continental frame and fork. I ordered it off of eBay and it did not come with a bottom bracket or anything. How would I go about deciding which bottom bracket to buy?

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11/03 Bottom Bracket Removal


First time changing one of these things seemed to be going well.

Cranks came off fine, lockring removed and now im stumped.

I dont see anywhere where I could use to multi-tooth removal tool to get a grip onto the old bracket im not quite sure how to go at it.

Il post a couple of pics up from each side, any help would be much appreciated Smile... Read more >>

10/30 ISIS bottom bracket - drive side 'cap'

Hey guys,

Trying to remove an ISIS bottom bracket from a '06 Trek 1200. Bought the 8-notched cup removal tool (similar to http://harriscyclery.net/merchant/370/images/large/bbt18.jpg), removed the non-drive side no problems, loosened the drive side cup fine. But no matter how much I try to unscrew it, it won't come off! It seems to be on the last thread, but not catching on to 'exit' the screw hole..

Anyone have any idea what's going on here? Also sorry if i'm misusing terminol... Read more >>

10/27 French BB replacement

I am trying to replace the bottom bracket on an unknown model Pugeot circa 1970 because I broke the crankset during removal (rusted through) and the cups/bearings are quite worn from age and rust.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about the bike or the proper terminology but the bottom bracket is 68mm wide, the cups screw on clockwise and the threads look about 1mm apart but I cant tell more than that. The cottered spindle is 145mm end to end, ~55-56mm between the bearing retainers (on the spindle) and the drive side is ~3mm longer than the other.

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10/21 Should I replace my bottom bracket? (fixie)

Hi, I just bought my first fixed gear bike last week but yesterday the bottom bracket loosened. I went to the closest bike shop and asked if they have a tool/wrench for tightening it. I showed the photo of my bottom bracket and i was told that this type of bottom bracket is not suitable for fixed gears. Do I really need to replace it? I'm still a noob regarding bike parts and I'm having second thoughts about replacing it.

Here's a photo of the part of my bb that got loosened:
[Image: 23rjxvd.jpg]


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I have got into some trouble with identifying the bottom bracket but think that I may have chosen a suitable bottom bracket.
I don't know the model bike, only that it is a Raleigh that I think may be from the 80's. But I have little to go on.
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09/19 Bottom bracket removal

Hello everyone,

lately I've been hearing to a clank sound while pedaling, but on the right pedal. At first, I thought that the pedal was the problem. But yesterday I realized that the issue was that the bottom bracket is loose.

I removed the allen bolt and this is how the bracket looks like. (see attachment)

Do you guys know what tools I need to fix that?

After watching some youtube videos I thought I needed a Crank Puller Remover like this one: http... Read more >>

09/09 Replacing BB

I apologise if this has been asked before.

I would like to change the BB on my wife's Mountain bike. At the moment it has cup and caged bearings with a square tapered spindle.
Is it possible to replace it with a cartridge type one.

Neil...

08/23 Clank sound when pedaling

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First post on the forum, but I've been reading around for the last few months while I built my modified Schwinn OR2 700c electric bike conversion. I've done a little homework, but i'm really looking for a bit of advice before i pull the trigger on part orders:

After some decent overhaul to the stock bike, I am now hearing some clanking sounds when pedaling. I've checked the chain for any tight links and just did a thorough cleaning of the chain to see it that could have been the cause. At this point, i'm convinced its an issue with the BB.

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08/23 New bottom bracket for schwinn

I have a schwinn sidewinder I bought at walmart, and may need to replace the bottom bracket. I believe I will need a crank puller, at the very least, and some sort of specialized tool for the bottom bracket itself (maybe). What do I do to get the correct bottom bracket for my bike?

It's an OK bike and gets me where I want to go.

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07/19 What bb thread for a peugeot ph8?

Hi there ,

Ive been given what I believe to be a peugeot ph8 by my uncle . Ive narrowed the year down to somewhere between 79 and 83 .
The serial number is 0931716 PH8CE 60.

Here are two pictures of what I think is the exact same model except my one has cottered cranks .

https://www....

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