20. How to Loosen a Stiff Chain Link

Stiff chain links cause noise, shifting problems, and even injury. Watch how to fix it by hand!

IMPORTANT: Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.
How to Loosen a Stiff Chain Link
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A stiff chain link can cause problems with your shifting, and can even cause injury if it slips while you’re pedaling. Here’s how to easily diagnose and fix the problem.

Find the Stiff Link

You’ll know you have a stiff link if your chain skips every 3 or 4 rotations. If you have several stiff links you’ll feel it skip even more often. To find the link, shift down to your smallest rear sprocket and then run the chain backwards through the derailleur by rotating your crank. Keep a close eye on your chain as it rolls over the lower derailleur pulley. When the stiff link passes through you’ll see it jump over the pulley. This means the inner and outer plates of one of your chain links are squished together too tight at the pin.

Loosen by Hand

To fix this by hand, simply work the plates loose by twisting the chain up and down the same way it was meant to. Then point the stiff link upward and firmly grab the closest connecting points on either side. Now twist the chain side to side, the way it was not supposed to bend. If all goes well, your stiff link should now be loosened and you can continue riding.

Loosen with a Chain Tool

If this method doesn’t work, and the link is still stiff, you’ll have to use a chain tool to fix it. Place the stiff link into the chain tool, on the slots closest to the turning handle. Now thread the chain tool’s pin gently against the chain pin about 1/8th of a turn, or just enough to slightly loosen the chain plates. That should loosen it enough.

If you still have problems, the chain may actually be bent and need replacing.


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The chain was completely rusted/stuck to the cassette ring it was on, and chains appear to be cheap online, so I'm replacing that.

If I wanted to replace the cassette as well, how can I tell which six speed cassettes would be compatible? Is that even an issue, or are they all basically the same?

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04/09 Part number for sprocket

does anyone know the part number (or how to find it?) for the 32 tooth sprocket that attaches to the crank? My bike shop guy will take the 38 tooth sprocket (standard factory equipment when you buy the trike new) off, and put the 32 tooth sprocket on for me, but he needs that part number in order to get the 32 tooth sprocket.

The adult trike is a 26 inch, one speed, schwinn meridian.

thanks...

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Canvassing opinions on an annoying noise.

The bike is a Ribble R872, high modulus carbon frame, 105 groupo.

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I'm pretty capable in terms of set up, I can strip down and rebuild a drivetrain fairly competently so the obvious tweaks in relation to indexing and general set up I don't think are applicabl... Read more >>

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03/30 Will this chain fit my bike?

Hello I know to some this will be a novice question and you will be disgusted but I don't want to buy the wrong chain. THANKS

Will this chain fit my bike?

[Image: w1temt.jpg]

http://www.ebay.com/itm/110935490423?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT...

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I have a seven speed Raleigh bike. Recently, when cycling the bike stopped moving forward when I pedaled. The gears and tires don't move when I pedal forward but do move when i pedal backwards. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

As someone who is mechanically challenged, I appreciate any assistance. Thank you!... Read more >>

03/25 Bike keeps going into higher gears

I recently put a new chain on my bike. It's a 10 speed. The chain was for a 10 speed. I didn't check the number of links on the old chain. The bike keeps shifting into higher gears and there seems to be tension on the derailleur cable that pulls it into high gears. I've tried adjusting the derailleur but it didn't help. I'm wondering if the chain is too short.

Help appreciated....

02/19 Chain sits on top of chainring when shifting up

Hey guys,

First post here. I've tried searching, but I don't know what you call this.

I have a vintage Schwinn Passage that I picked up a few months ago. At first it worked well, but recently it's been giving me trouble.

When I shift, the chain pops into the higher (larger) gear, but then sits on top of the chain ring. What ends up happening is that the chainring will keep turning, and eventually the chain will pop into place or pop right off.

[Image: 5f9NtSN.jpg]
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02/08 Chain question

Over the past few years, I have noticed that basically all the bikes I have owned/sold/ridden have all had chains that do not have a quick release. So, when I need to replace them, I have to get a punch and a hammer to take the chain off. Does anyone know the meaning of this? It has been bugging me for quite some time now because it can take quite a while to punch out one of the pins. Plus, then sometimes the chain is ruined.

-mtnbikr...

01/30 Sears tote cycle

Have an old Sears tote cycle that I'm fixing up. Looks like it was a two or three speed but has no cable or shifter on it. Coaster brake arm has Torpedo Dreigang on it. I'm wanting to get it back to working again.Know nothing about this. I have built motorcycles so I know my way around two wheels. Trying to find out how to hook up a new cable and lever to the rear hub.... Read more >>

01/20 Triple chainset replacement

Hi, new to the forum, need some tech advice:

1) is it normal for the teeth on the same chainring to have different profiles - some are pointed and others shorter and squarer. This is a new Triple LASCO I am looking at in a shop.

2) How do I know if any new chainset I buy, will match my existing spindle? The chainset I have currently fitted is an SR SUNTOUR ZR 120, does that mean the square hole is 12mm?

Many thanks.
Zak...

01/19 Sprocket Does Not Engage

Brand Brand new to the Forum!

I have a Giant Iguana 640 Bike that has been under the house for a couple of years. Used to ride it quite a bit then life kicked in. Just got re-enthused about riding and decided to break out my bike. I cleaned it up and got the cobwebs off.

I am having a problem and have no idea where to start to diagnose it. Everything looks good but if you pedal, the pedals turn but the the rear sprocket does not engage. I can pedal and pedal but I go nowhere. There is no grinding or unusual sounds.

I would appreciate any advise or guidanc...

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I am currently running a thread on derailleurs regarding 7 speed blocks. However, another bump has appeared in my road - scarcity of 7 speed chains.
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